Treated Hardwood

Hillwood Imports and Exports ,the pioneering wood exporting company in kerala.Located in feroke , calicut, in kerala. Our business is exclusively exporting and importing wood. We are trusted all over the world by our valued customers.Our commitment to quality and timely delivery propelled our growth. We are well experienced in timber logs and distribtion focused on dependable service and on filling the special needs of our overseas customers.We also caters to the requirements of customers in india too. Wood supplied by Hillwood is widely used in india and abroad for quality furniture,interior decoration and other constructions.


Hillwood stands out as the sole provider of treated hardwood solutions with unparalleled quality in today’s market.
No other products offer the same level of durability, resilience, and aesthetic appeal as Hillwood’s premium Merbau
wood. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive timber


Papua Origin Merbau Wood : Hillwood’s signature offering, sourced exclusively from Papua, Indonesia, offers unrivalled quality and longevity.

Superior Craftsmanship : Our treated hardwood undergoes rigorous crafting processes, ensuring resilience against the elements and preserving its natural beauty.


Best Quality at the Best Price


Size Chart

Hillwood timber size

4*2.5Upto 12 Ft
4*3Upto 12 Ft
4.5 *2.5Upto 12 Ft
5*2.5Upto 12 Ft
5*3Upto 12 Ft
6*4Upto 9 Ft
9*2.75Upto 9 Ft
9*4Upto 9 Ft
5*1.5Upto 12 Ft
4*1.5Upto 12 Ft
4.5*1.5Upto 12 Ft
3*1.25Upto 12 Ft
6*16ft, 7th & 9ft
7*16ft, 7th & 9ft
8*16ft, 7th & 9ft
9*16ft, 7th & 9ft
10*16ft, 7th & 9ft
11*16ft, 7th & 9ft
12*16ft, 7th & 9ft
6*1.56ft, 7th & 9ft
9*2.756ft, 7th & 9ft
7*1.56ft, 7th & 9ft
8*1.56ft, 7th & 9ft
9*1.56ft,7th & 9ft
10*1.56ft,7th & 9ft
11*1.56ft,7th & 9ft
12*1.56ft,7th & 9ft

We Are Legal with V-Legal

V-legal or SLVK is a certificate that use for exporting wooden products and to assure the international timber market of the legality of its timber products. All wood that Originalhome uses and was imported from Indonesia is certified with V-Legal Wood. As Indonesia has one of the largest rainforests in the world, this certification is crucial to ensure the protection of the forest from illegal logging.