Chemically Treated Hardwood

Hillwood Group is a leading business entity in South India. We have been in the forefront of timber trading and manufacturing business for almost 75 years.

Hillwood is introducing India's first chemically treated hardwood brand. We make premium quality treated hardwood available at the most affordable prices. The slices of wood are made available in different thickness and widths to make it conveneint for customers.


100% Papua Origin

We import the finest of Merbau wood that are 100% Papua origin which are superior in quality and durability compared to Merbau wood from other origins.

Quality that Stands the Test of Time

We only source the highest quality wood from countries where trees are grown abundantly and cheaply available. We take pride in offering wood acquired from trees that are ober 100 years old, ensuring premium quality sliced wood which is a long-lasting investment for customers.

Termite-Resistant and Borer-Proof

Chemically treated woods are protected from termites or borers that have been a long-standing challenge for the wood industry. Our chemical treatment ensures that the wood is termite-resistant and borer-proof, providing safe and secure options for customers.

100% Utility

We sell the wood in the form of sliced wood which ensures the customers receive only the premium quality pieces. This guarantees a 100% utility with zero wastage of wood taking away the burden of all your quality concerns.

Affordable Premium Quality

We make premium quality treated hardwood available at the most affordable prices. We source our wood from foreign countries and use our expertise to make it available to our customers at the best rates.